Changing Lives, One Breath at a Time



PBT - Principle Based Training


Mindfully applies Qigong training principles into all aspects of your life in order to affect long term physical strength, mental clarity and emotional balance.

We offer more than exercise for health, we offer training for life.




A wealth of scientific research consistently demonstrates that using Tai Chi and Qigong training techniques is very useful in treating a wide variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions. These research studies have been performed in various environments, with various instructors, and even with various forms of Tai Chi and Qigong. In working to develop an effective training program, SimplyAware has identified 8 common denominators (Qigong Principles) which transcend the variances in styles and forms of Tai Chi / Qigong used in these successful studies. This approach to training allows anyone, from any background to enhance their performance. We have assisted professional athletes, active and veteran military, geriatric and the general public to stabilize injuries, improve recovery time, rethink pain management, identify and strengthen vulnerable areas and refine technique.

We can help you.  Are you Ready?


About the Training Mindfully with Qigong Principles™ Program (TMQP™)

Our Training Programs are focused on teaching the 8 basic Qigong Principles that help lay the foundation on which all forms of Tai Chi & Qigong stand. This rich, traditional approach cultivates a process of self exploration and an often slow, difficult journey which leads to a deeper, stronger more intimate self awareness and empowerment. You begin by learning fundamental physical techniques. Then working your way into the more complex mental and emotional layers of training. All at your own pace. Each step you take is rich with awareness and opportunities for personal growth.






Let us introduce you, step by step, through all 8, Level I, Qigong Principles.


Our TMQP™ workbook is designed to guide you on a journey of self-exploration to help bring balance and harmony into your life. Each Chapter introduces you to the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our traditional approach and encourages perspective shifting awareness through simple, focused training techniques. We share insights cultivated through our training paths and personal life experiences as well as well as drawing on thousands of our client's trials and successes. There are questions at the end of each chapter which encourage deeper personal exploration and cultivation. This is an opportunity to dig in and free yourself of anchors that have been holding you back. Are You Ready?



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Changing Lives, One Breath at a Time
Changing Lives, One Breath at a Time
Changing Lives, One Breath at a Time
Changing Lives, One Breath at a Time
Changing Lives, One Breath at a Time
Changing Lives, One Breath at a Time