"There is no greater purpose, than service to others"

Our Business Policy

At SimplyAware, integrity and client satisfaction are paramount. Our training programs are constantly under review and updated based on the most recent research available and the recommendations of our Advisory Board. Our professional instructors are encouraged to continue their personal training path throughout their career with SimplyAware.

Certified vs Qualified Instructors

Simply put, a certification means you have been exposed to a training system or collection of techniques for a period of time, often measured in hours. Qualification means you have devoted the better part of your life to exploring, learning and growing through the training and techniques and can demonstrate your skills in challenging environments with diverse populations of students, effortlessly. Through our vetting process, we ensure that each SimplyAware Instructor is qualified to deliver the material they teach.

Bobby Garcia


Sifu Chris and Sifu Fayne founded SimplyAware in 2003 with the desire to share their love of learning and teaching integrative healing techniques with the community.  Since its inception, SimplyAware has not had an actual "brick and mortar" location for training. Instead, our highly qualified instructors travel directly to the communities we serve, providing clients convenient access to our various SimplyAware Somatic Therapy Training Programs. Our client list includes many private companies and public corporations as well as individuals from all walks of life and professions.

We are proud to be an affiliate member of the International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association (ISMETA) and Professional Members of the National Qigong Association.

Our Professional Instructors are available for local, regional, national and international:

  • Workshops
  • Educational Seminars
  • Key Note Addresses

Do We Certify Instructors?

For many years now we have been asked to provide a certification program so that our many decades of experience can be shared far and wide. We have hesitated to provide such a program due to our core belief that a certification does not qualify one to teach others to the level we expect from our SimplyAware instructors. There is simply no substitute for instructor lead, personalized and deeply integrated training, coupled with length of training and personal life experience embodying the Qigong Principles. 

Sifu Chris Bouguyon

Medical Qigong Therapist

Founder of SimplyAware

Our Professional Staff

Our instructors are selected for their professional demeanor, technical proficiency and passion for teaching. They are passed through a national criminal background check system and are required to maintain a 2-million dollar professional liability insurance policy and CPR/AED Certification to ensure the safety of our clients.

Sifu Fayne Bouguyon

Licensed Massage Therapist

Founder of SimplyAware

About Us

Instructor Fees (you get what you pay for)

Our instructors are only available to teach a certain number of hours each week and with travel time to a from a location, there are only so many class hours available to them. Additionally, each of our instructors uses their own vehicle, pays their own fuel and is required to carry a 2 million dollar professional liability policy. When you are looking to place an instructor in your facility, to work with your clients or residents, please consider what level of experience they bring and what passion they have for the training they plan to share, especially when working with diverse and challenged populations. The time, effort and financial commitment SimplyAware instructors have invested into their professional training and development is very significant, numbering in the decades (not weeks, or even years) and costs 10's of thousands of personal dollars. We are not weekend warriors, we are professionals who, since 2003 have been providing safe, outstanding training experiences to the communities we serve.