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Anatomy of a Private Coaching Session

This level of training allows for deeper understanding of your goals and precise targeting of your particular needs. SimplyAware Instructors have the experience to identify an individual's weaknesses quickly and formulate a custom plan to address the areas with greatest need. If the student is diligent with the training assignments to be practiced between sessions, as few as session per month is all that is needed to see remarkable results. Our team has worked with all levels of athletes, corporate leadership, law enforcement, privately with individuals, and can customize the training to meet you where you are. Together, we can do it.

Because our focus is on optimum human performance on the physical, mental and emotional levels, we do not need to be experts in your particular field of expertise. Our strength lies in understanding what holds you back from optimum performance. For example, if a hockey player is suffering from severe back or hip pain, our ability to perform a slap shot has nothing to do with our understanding why his body is responding with pain. It is our deep understanding of human anatomy and how to apply Qigong Principles for optimum body mechanics which will allows us to make the necessary modifications to his technique and training regiment. Iterative healing means the physical, mental and emotional balances need to be addressed to provide a clear path to performance or recovery. 

Private and Group Coaching

Types of Coaching We Offer

  • Private Coaching

    • Appointment Times: 15 min to 1 hour
    • Cost: 15 min @ $25.00; 30 min @ $45.00; 60 min @ $90.00
      • The first consultation should be a minimum of 30 minutes to establish clear goals and expectations on both sides. Coaching is a partnership, without your willingness to step outside your comfort zone, nothing will change.
      • Periodic assessments are made to ensure we are moving forward in a manner beneficial to both coach and client.
  • Group Coaching

    • Appointment Times: 1 hour to 8 hours
    • Cost: 1 hr @ $125.00; 2 hrs @ $200.00; 4 hrs @$375.00; 8 hrs @ $650.00
      • Group Coaching dynamics require clearly communicated goals between leadership, SimplyAware coaching and group participants. For this reason, a minimum of 60 minute initial interview is performed with group leadership to determine goals and expectations and establish a coaching timeline.
      • A customize program will them be developed by the SimplyAware Coach and delivered to leadership for consideration. 
      • Once coaching / training is underway, periodic assessments are welcomed to ensure we are moving forward in a manner beneficial to both coach and group leadership.

Types of Programs We Offer

  • Tai Chi Foundation Training - Let us observe your forms and make corrections based on our Qigong Principles. We can help guide you towards deeper understanding, flow and strength.
  • Qigong Foundation Training - Let us observe your forms and make corrections based on our Qigong Principles. We can help guide you towards deeper understanding, flow and strength.
  • Martial Foundation Training - Sifu Chris began training in Martial Arts in 1978 at the age of 12. If you find yourself frequently injured, quickly fatigued or have difficulty generating or controlling your power, we can work with you on technique, structure and energy management. Let our Qigong Principles training guide you towards deeper understanding, flow and strength.
  • Mindfulness / Meditation Training - Mindfulness is a wonderful and often misunderstood training which, when understood deeply and done properly, allows your true nature and power to the surface.
  • Beginner through Advanced training is available 
  • Posture / Balance Training
  • Pain Management
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management

​Medical Qigong Therapy Center

Sifu Chris' Clinic is co-located within the 

Ashby Chiropractic Clinic
Address: 2011 N Collins Blvd Suite 707

Richardson, TX 75080
Phone: (214) 476-1719

Educational Seminars & Workshops

Do you have a group who is interested in learning more about Traditional Chinese healing modalities? We are happy to share our knowledge and experience in an interactive, informative presentation. Beit a health fair, educational workshop or seminar, we have a wide range of captivating topics we can share with your audience.

  • Somatic Therapy Techniques and Strategies
  • Traditional Chinese Medical Theory
  • Powerful Stress Management Strategies
  • 5 Minute Qigong for the Office
  • Our Educational Programs can be customized for your audience

Scheduled By Appointment with time slots available Mon - Sun based on instructor availability

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What is a Coach

Our definition of a Coach is a person who teaches or trains an individual or group, in a manner which enhances their individual or collective excellence. SimplyAware coaches have unique skills and understanding, cultivated over decades of personal and professional training, which translate into a wealth of knowledge across a breadth of subjects to be shared with our clients.

How can we help you become your true, best self?