Silver Sky has been a preferred vendor of SimplyAware since 2009. If you are looking for a reputable dealer of Tibetan Singing Bowls and other hard to find items from that area of the world, look no further than Silver Sky Imports. Use the Coupon Code - SIMPLYAWARE to earn 15% Off most items! (See store for details)

Per student requests, Sifu Chris has put together an entire library of recommended training material on Amazon which he has read, watched or listened to personally. This list is updated frequently.

Help Support Our Programs by Supporting our Associates

SimplyAware believes in giving back to the community through educational events and student sponsorships. By supporting our associates through the links below, you are helping generate a passive income stream for our outreach programming.

Here are a few of the programs this funding supports:

  • Train for Free - We have a long standing policy that all US Military Active Duty and Veterans train for free in our public classes. This is offered with an open heart and a deep gratitude for our freedom.
  • Community Educational Seminars / Introductory Workshops
    • Cancer Centers
    • Local Universities
    • Community Outreach Programs
  • SimplyAware Project Development
    • Instructor Training Programs
  • SimplyAware Product Development
    • DVDs
    • Music / Mediation CD
    • Instructor Training Manuals