What is Medical Qigong Therapy

Medical Qigong Therapy is the oldest therapeutic modality within Chinese medicine. A truly comprehensive system of health care, Medical Qigong addresses the root cause of symptoms or disease, on physical, mental and emotional levels. Each person is unique and their particular dis-ease should be treated uniquely as well. Based upon a differential diagnosis rooted in Chinese medical theory, treatments are customized to serve the patient's highest good.

“Whenever eminent physicians treat an illness, they must quiet the spirit and settle the will, they must be free of wants and desires, and they must first develop a heart full of great compassion and empathy. They must pledge to devote themselves completely to relieving the suffering of all sentient beings.” ~ Sun Simiao, (581- 682 A.D.)

Bei Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang I.2 (as translated by Sabine Wilms)

Anatomy of Medical Qigong Therapy

A Medical Qigong Practitioner does not treat symptoms, they seek to understand and heal the roots of a dis-ease. Through extensive formal training and self-cultivation, a Medical Qigong Practitioner has developed the ability to sense and manipulate qi (energy) for the purpose of restoring health and wellness to the client. While clients may be passive participants in this process, it is encouraged that they take an active role on their healing path. To this end, it is common for the Medical Qigong Practitioner to teach a client Medical Qigong Exercises and Meditations to encourage the client's personal energetic cultivation and enhance their immune response and energetic sensitivities. The more diligent clients are in working assigned prescriptions, the better their body's internal (physical, mental and emotional) systems will respond to treatments. Practiced as an excellent adjunct to Western medicine, Medical Qigong and Chinese Medicine may successfully treat conditions which Western Medicine finds resistant or ambiguous.

Progression of Treatment

  • Initial Consultation / Treatment Plan

    • Appointment Time: 1.5 to 2 hours
    • Cost: $175.00
      • Sifu Chris will meet with you to discuss your particular issues / concerns
      • The first table treatment involves a general diagnostic, 5 Element Organ Protocol and is usually performed during the first consultation
      • Post treatment, Sifu Chris will discuss his findings, a recommended treatment plan and possibly assign some homework
  • Follow Up Treatment Plan

    • Appointment Time: 1 to 1.5 hours
    • Cost: $125.00
      • A brief discussion with Sifu Chris to assess progress between sessions
      • Table treatment using the 5 Element Organ Protocol
      • Addition of secondary protocols custom tailored to your particular needs
      • Post treatment diagnostic review
      • Assigned homework, tailored to your particular needs may include
        • Qigong, stretching, strengthening or balance related exercises
        • Meditations or other relaxation protocols
        • Journaling, forgiveness work or other therapeutic healing tools

Schedule a Medical Qigong Therapy Appointment

Medical Qigong Therapy

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