The SimplyAware Mission

SimplyAware Somatic Therapy Programs, based on Qigong Principles™, are designed to provide our clients with a training experience which challenges them physically, mentally and emotionally, thus offering them the opportunity to stimulate personal growth and empowerment in a safe, fun training environment.

We have devoted our lives to distilling these rich ancient teachings into clear, accessible training. By applying wisdom and techniques from traditional Chinese medicine, 5-element theory and western therapeutic modalities, our Qigong Principles™ based programs are designed to optimize the human experience.

Our Training Mission

  • Learn to settle emotions
  • Calm the heart center
  • Observe / manage emotions
  • Establish safe boundaries
  • Open to potential
  • Develop emotional balance
  • Unleash smiling heart energy

What can you expect from our training?

We guide the integration of your physical, emotional and mental centers to optimize your potential

  • Learn to quiet the mind
  • Establish alignment
  • Observe / manage the mind
  • Develop new perspectives
  • Release old patterns
  • Increase potential
  • Enhance mental focus
  • Improve self-esteem


Traditional Training Path

Our focus on Qigong Principles™ allows the techniques we teach to become a vehicle for personal cultivation within your physical, mental and emotional centers. As you follow this traditional training path, you will likely encounter personal challenges. Maybe your mind has trouble focusing its attention, or there is pain in your body which restricts movement, or you become easily frustrated, angry or anxious when things don't go according to expectations. No matter where your obstacles are, we are trained to help you identify and move past them. The question is, are you ready?



Make These Tools a Part of Your Daily Life

As the tools and skills begin to develop, we encourage students to integrate them into their daily lives. The human experience is full of challenges and this training approach creates powerful opportunities for personal growth. For us, Tai Chi and Qigong forms are are powerful tools to help uncover each student's deeper, personal cultivation path. When the Three Treasures (physical, mental and emotional centers) are in alignment, you will bear witness to your true nature, and it is beautiful.

"You are Much More Than the Sum of Your Parts"

  • Deep core integration
  • Improve spinal flexibility
  • Release tendons / ligaments
  • Open and lubricate joints
  • Release muscular tension
  • Increase circulation
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Improve balance
  • Reduction in pain

What tools do we employ?

All our programs are based on the 8 Qigong Principles™ outlined in our TMQP™ Workbook with each program providing a unique focus on the Principles based on that discipline's core training philosophy.

  • Our Qigong programs emphasize structure, alignment and breath work
  • Our Tai Chi programs emphasize structure, alignment and complex, choreographed movement sets
  • Our Smiling Heart Qigong programs are geared towards dexterity, mental acuity, core balance training and FUN!
  • Our Group Therapy programs create a somatic therapeutic environment by combining Principle based perspectives discussions with movement integration and life skills development.
  • Our Medical Qigong Therapy practice works with individuals on their specific needs using energy medicine to identify imbalances which can (or have) lead to dis-ease. We then work with the patient to realign their energy.