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The Power of Personal Training

Sometimes, having the undivided attention of a highly qualified instructor is just what is needed to move us to the next level of our training. There is simply no substitute for the focused attention to detail we can get in that intimate training environment. 

For a diligent student, one session monthly or even quarterly can offer enough new awareness and training material to last well into the next session.

For others, that personal relationship is necessary to help motivate them towards the change they desire and a weekly program is required.

SimplyAware Instructors are highly trained and motivated to help you identify your weak points and build a more balanced, focused and powerful you.   

Please enter your preferred day and time slot. One of our instructors will contact you about setting up an appointment. 

Personal Training Sessions are held at our Medical Qigong Therapy Center in Richardson or at your location, if preferred.

Please note that a small sur-charge may be necessary, based on distance and travel time to your location.

​Medical Qigong Therapy Center

Sifu Chris' Clinic is co-located within the 

Ashby Chiropractic Clinic
Address: 2011 N Collins Blvd Suite 707

Richardson, TX 75080
Phone: (214) 476-1719

Anatomy of a Personal Training Session

Private Training Sessions are conducted in 15 minute, 30 minute and 1 hour intervals and while better performed in person, are also available via Skype or FaceTime. This level of training allows for precise targeting of your particular needs. SimplyAware Instructors have the experience to identify an individual's weaknesses quickly and formulate a precise plan to address the areas with greatest need. If the student is diligent with the training assignments to be practiced between sessions, a monthly session is all that is needed to see remarkable results. Our team has worked with all levels of athletic ability and can customize the training to meet you where you are. Together, we can do it.


Personal Training is available at the Clinic for the following:

Clinic Instructors: Sifu Chris and Sifu Fayne

Appointment Times and Costs: 15 min @ $25.00; 30 min @ $45.00; 60 min @ $90.00

  • Tai Chi Foundation Training - Let us observe your forms and make corrections based on our Qigong Principles. We can help guide you towards deeper understanding, flow and strength.
  • Qigong Foundation Training - Let us observe your forms and make corrections based on our Qigong Principles. We can help guide you towards deeper understanding, flow and strength.
  • Martial Foundation Training - Sifu Chris began training in Martial Arts in 1978 at the age of 12. If you find yourself frequently injured, quickly fatigued or have difficulty generating or controlling your power, we can work with you on technique, structure and energy management. Let our Qigong Principles training guide you towards deeper understanding, flow and strength.
  • Mindfulness / Meditation Training - Mindfulness is a wonderful and often misunderstood training which, when understood deeply and done properly, allows your true nature and power to the surface.
    • Beginner through Advanced training is available 
  • Posture / Balance Training
  • Pain Management
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management
  • Life Coaching

Personal Training