Educational Seminars / Workshops

Unsure about a weekly class but want to share a fun, interactive program with your community? No problem. We are happy to come for a friendly visit. Beit a health fair, educational workshop or seminar. We have a wide range of captivating topics we can share with your residents from Fall Prevention to Fundamentals of Tai Chi, Smiling Heart Qigong and many others. Scheduled By Appointment with time slots available Mon - Sun based on instructor availability

Private Instruction

Whether you are a newbie or long time practitioner of Qigong, training fundamentals never loses its ability to awaken new levels within you. Our Principle based approach to training is not style specific and will hone in on your particular needs, providing a clear pathway towards your personal development goals. Let one of our highly trained instructors show you the way. We travel to your location. Fees vary by location and instructor.

Scheduled By Appointment with time slots available Mon - Sun based on instructor availability
Please contact us for a fair, accurate quote.

Training Mindfully with Qigong Principles™

Students of Qigong begin by training an easy to learn collection of movements (forms) which can be performed seated or standing. Each form is repeated slowly, with a natural breathing cycle, allowing time to create meaningful internal connections before moving on to the next form. As the 8 Qigong Principles become more integrated into the movements, students begin to achieve higher levels of physical, mental and emotional awareness.

Move Studio / 17062 Preston Road, Suite 108, Dallas Texas 75248

Monday 12:15p / Studio A

Instructor: Sifu Chris / Est. 2008

Crow Collection of Asian Arts Museum / 2010 Flora Street, Dallas Texas 75201
Tuesdays 5:30p - Main Gallery
Instructor: Sifu Chris / Est. 2014​

Qigong Training

Principle based Qigong Training

Qigong is a powerful mind-body discipline that, when practiced properly, integrates posture and movements, breathing techniques and focussed intention. Depending on the purpose of a particular practice, Qigong can be used to maintain or improve one's health and wellbeing; heal from illness or injury; reduce pain; increase energy levels; improve mental and/or physical performance; improve flexibility, balance and agility; still the mind; and connect with spirit. In China, Qigong has long been prized as a practice that can extend life and assist in graceful aging. Qigong exercises are able to be adapted, so that they can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, ability or belief system.