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Are you a Senior Activities Coordinator?  Our unique programs have been serving the Independent, assisted and memory care communities in the greater Dallas area, weekly since 2003. Our reputation for delivering a quality service with highly skilled instructors is unprecedented in the DFW area. We require our instructors to continually update their training, pass a national background check, hold a current CPR / AED certification and maintain a 2 million dollar personal liability policy.

Please feel free to contact the activities coordinator at any of the communities listed in our schedule for a direct, professional reference.

Smiling Heart Qigong

Under development since 1994, the Smiling Heart Qigong Program provides informative, stimulating and fun, standing and seated group training for our most mature clients.  Our Instructors specialize in working with independent, assisted and memory care patients with kindness, respect, patience, compassion and (of course) a smiling heart. 

Smiling Heart Qigong combines posture, breathing, gentle movements with skilled instructor education to deliver:

  • Pain reduction through managed range of motion and education
  • Fall reduction through posture and core strength training
  • Progressive coordination exercises to develop mental acuity
  • Stress relief through laughter and group social interaction

Our Independent Living Program combines seated core strengthening with concentration exercises that stimulate mental acuity, improved coordination and deep breathing. When appropriate we add training techniques to improve posture, balance and walking. Our students consistently become more stable and confident in their mobility while reducing overall pain.

Our Assisted Living Program is designed to help support the AL Community in gentle core strengthening and balance training with an emphasis on fall prevention. Our experience in both Eastern and Western Therapy modalities allows us to provide a unique training environment that is both strengthening to the body and mind while stimulating smiling hearts and promoting a strong, supportive, community spirit.

Our Memory Care Program takes into consideration the delicate nature of this population. Careful, respectful words are chosen when teaching the techniques as well as keeping the training simple and playful. Our goal is to provide a safe, playful environment which stimulates the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of participants.

Smiling Heart Qigong

Twin Rivers Senior Living / 201 S. Glenville Drive Richardson, TX 75081
Mondays @ 10:00a
Established 2014 / Instructor: Bobby

Crystal Creek at Preston Hollow / 11409 North Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75243

Thursdays @ 9:45a
Established 2008 / Instructor: Sifu Chris

Educational Seminars / Workshops

Unsure about a weekly class but want to share a fun, interactive program with your community? No problem. We are happy to come for a friendly visit. Beit a health fair, educational workshop or seminar. We have a wide range of captivating topics we can share with your residents from Fall Prevention to Fundamentals of Tai Chi, Smiling Heart Qigong and many others. Scheduled By Appointment with time slots available Mon - Sun based on instructor availability