Chen Style Tai Chi

Chen Style Taijiquan is the oldest known documented style of Taiji, from which, all other styles are said to have originated. Master Chen Bing, the 20th Generation Chen Family Lineage holder, developed his Chen 13 Forms as a powerful introduction to the Chen Family Taijiquan System. We are grateful to have been given permission to share this form with our students along with the Chen Family training techniques of Silk Reeling and Push Hands.

Move Studio / 17062 Preston Road, Suite 108, Dallas Texas 75248

Wednesday 10:45a

Instructor: Bobby / Est. 2015

Principle based Tai Chi Training

At its roots, Tai Chi is a martial art which originated within the Chen Family from Chenjiagou (Chen Village) in Henan Province, China. Yang, Wu, Wu(Hao), Sun and most recently He Styles of Tai Chi each have their unique style and perspective on training but all of them are deeply rooted in the same base level training principles. At SimplyAware, we use Tai Chi forms training to evolve the principles within you. This allows our training to be adapted not only to other forms of Tai Chi but other Martial and movement systems as well. We take you back to basics to deepen internal awareness and control.

Private Instruction

Whether you are a newbie or long time practitioner of Tai Chi, training fundamentals never loses its ability to awaken new levels within you. Our Principle based approach to training is not style specific and will hone in on your particular needs, providing a clear pathway towards your personal development goals. Let one of our highly trained instructors show you the way. We travel to your location. Fees vary by location and instructor.

Scheduled By Appointment with time slots available Mon - Sun based on instructor availability
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Sun Style Tai Chi (Modified)

Based on Dr. Paul Lam's Tai Chi for Arthritis program, SimplyAware Instructors are specially trained in Qigong and Tai Chi techniques that help students find proper posture, better balance and deeper core strength. In addition, we work closely with both the Eastern and Western Medical Communities, through our network of professionals, to ensure students are being instructed with the utmost attention to the latest scientific exercise and physiotherapy information available. We begin each class with the day's "Principal Focus" then present a selection of Qigong exercises designed to help each student explore that focus as they warm their body and calm their mind. Following warm up is form training and detailed review of techniques based on a student's personal level of experience.

The Garland Senior Center / 600 West Avenue A, Garland, Texas 75040
Thursday 10:30a
Instructor: Sifu Fayne / Est. 2005​

Yang Style Tai Chi

This ancient martial art has long been coveted as the Supreme Ultimate Fighting System. As a healing art, the Yang Forms will strengthen the body, increase flexibility and range of motion while providing mental clarity and amazing balance. There are many research studies documenting the benefits of Tai Chi for health and vitality. Our beginner and intermediate students train in the National Yang 24 Forms.

The Medical Qigong Therapy Center / 2011 N Collins Blvd Suite 707 Richardson, TX 75080

Thursday 6:30p

Instructor: Sifu Chris / Est. 2008

Tai Chi Training

Educational Seminars / Workshops

Unsure about a weekly class but want to share a fun, interactive program with your community? No problem. We are happy to come for a friendly visit. Beit a health fair, educational workshop or seminar. We have a wide range of captivating topics we can share with your residents from Fall Prevention to Fundamentals of Tai Chi, Smiling Heart Qigong and many others. Scheduled By Appointment with time slots available Mon - Sun based on instructor availability