The SimplyAware Wellness & Training Center is clean, comfortable and inviting. The perfect place to continue your wellness journey.

This is a place where each person is seen as unique and is offered training options and therapeutic modalities which can provide a path towards optimum physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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The Training Center

Opened in September or 2018, the SimplyAware Wellness & Training Center is the culmination of a vision Sifu Chris and Sifu Fayne began manifesting in 1994. A place where people could come and train to optimize their wellbeing by addressing their physical, mental and emotional challenges with integrative healing modalities.

Wellness Side

The front of the center is dedicated to wellness. From Sound Healing and Medical Qigong Therapy to Tuina Asian Bodywork and Nutritional Counseling. We will help you return to health.

Training Side

Our passion for quality training runs deep. We invite only the best to share their talents with our members and guests. From our regular instructors to world renowned guest instructors, we are always looking for the most accurate information and highest quality training to share with you.

Fire Room

Professional Recording Booth

  • Diamond Series / MFG by
  • Equipped With:
  • RODE NT-1 Microphone (SPECS)
  • FocusRite Scarlett Solo / 2 Input / USB Audio Interface (SPECS)
  • Polsen HPC A30 Studio Monitor Headphones (SPECS)
  • KRK G3 Rokit 6" Powered Studio Monitor for Playback (SPECS)
  • Power Strip with 2 USB Charging Ports
  • Silent Dimmable Overhead LED Lighting
  • Silent Ventilation System

Non-Member Rental Rate - $75.00 / Hr

Metal Room

Available Room Configurations

  • Classroom with up to 4 tables / 12 chairs
  • Group Room with up to 15 chairs in a circle
  • Conference Room with tables and chairs for up to 16
  • Training Room customized configuration based on needs

Non-Member Rental Rate - $20.00 / Hr

Water Room

Available Room Configurations

  • Open Training Floor
  • Open Group Space with up to 34 chairs in a circle
  • Open Floor with Yoga Mats and Props
  • Open Floor with Thai Mats, Props and Bolsters
  • Customized configuration based on needs

Non-Member Rental Rate - $45.00 / Hr

Wood Room

Available Room Configurations

  • Private Consultation
  • Massage Table for Vibrational Sound Therapy
  • Individual or Small Group Training (6 people max)
  • Customized configuration based on needs

Non-Member Rental Rate - $10.00 / Hr