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COVID POD Workshops

Is your COVID POD ready to have some fun training together?
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A COVID POD is defined as the friends and family that you have agreed to be close to during the pandemic with the understanding that you will protect each others health by limiting external contacts. With the restrictions placed on wellness related activities such as fitness facilities, social gatherings and other community events, we have a solution. We will open our wellness and training center exclusively for YOUR POD and offer one of our training workshops OR simply offer you the space for a POD gathering such as a Birthday party. Give us a call and lets see what we can do to make your POD event memorable! We ask for a maximum of 12 people in your POD.

POD Workshop Options

Workshops are 1.5 hours in length

Cost Starting at $200.00

Each additional 30 minutes is $50.00

Exploring Meditation (ages 10 to 100)

Meditation is a powerful tool in the battle against stress and a key component of resilience, but for many it can feel impossible. Sifu Chris has decades of experience training and teaching meditation as a tool for resilience. He has worked with law enforcement, military and emergency responders to help them develop a rich skillset to help them cope with very difficult daily circumstances.

Exploring Qigong

Qigong is a simple to learn meditative movement practice that engages the whole being into the practice. do you have trouble sitting still for a meditation? Then Qigong can be a great alternative with its breath and movement integration.

Exploring Tai Chi

Movement is so important to overall health and wellbeing. Tai Chi challenges your balance, strength and focus as you learn to move slowly with structure and purpose.

Understanding Anxiety

Explore anxiety from a traditional Chinese medical perspective with Sifu Chris. Learn simple yet powerful techniques to self-regulate and more importantly, leave with an understanding of how they work.

Sound Bath Experience

Your POD will enjoy an amazing 55 minute , live concert with hand-hammered Himalayan Singing Bowls. You will each have your own thick, comfy mat and bolstering for optimum comfort.