Exploring Meditation Training Series

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Neuroscience Research Studies tell us that as little as 10 minutes of daily meditation practice can provide brain changing benefits. Sifu Chris will introduce the science and various practices in an easy to follow format allowing you to determine which practice serves you best at this moment in your life.

Together, you will explore many forms of meditative practices, all in manageable, bite-sized increments. After each practice, we will discuss what was good or challenging to gain perspective and insights into our obstacles to a stronger practice.

This is a 6 class training series which will give you a solid collection of tools and a foundation of understanding to help guide you, far beyond course completion.

Program Curriculum

Week 1

Introduction to Autonomic Nervous System, obstacles to a sustainable practice, types of meditative practice and personal awareness training

Week 2

Introduction to the power of breath work, hormone regulation, blood and lymphatic fluid circulation, exploration of various breath focused meditation practices

Week 3

Movement Meditations - Introduction to the physiological effects of combing breath with movement as a meditative practice for circulation, metal focus, coordination, precise muscle control and strengthening both physically and mentally.

Week 4

Sensory Focused Meditations - Introduction to the five senses and how to harness their power to bring your attention inward.

Week 5

Mentally Focused Meditations - Introduction to meditations which harness the power of the mind to create deeper focus and mental acuity.

Week 6

A review of the five types of meditation paths and targeted training review based on each student’s individual meditation goals.

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