Our Mission

Human Resilience is a Texas based, 501 c3 non-profit corporation seeking to build stronger communities by bringing mindfulness and resilience training to those who serve, to those who are underserved and to those who may not otherwise have access to such services. Some of those who will be served are first responders, military veterans, public school teachers, elderly, abused, and those who are otherwise financially vulnerable.


Serving those who seek resilience...

We define resilience as the ability to "bounce forward" after an adverse event. Human Resilience raises funds for and connects people to services and programs designed to holistically improve health, enhance awareness & develop resilience to life's stressors.
First Responders

Law Enforcement Officers
Fire  / Rescue
EMT / Paramedics

Military Veterans

Active Duty

Public School Teacher



Senior Citizens

Trauma Survivors

Sexual Assault
Domestic Violence

Financially Vulnerable

Money should not be allowed to interfere with healing

Smiling Heart Qigong Project

When the COVID pandemic shut down our communities, elders in senior living communities lost almost all connection to the outside world. The Human Resilience Board of Directors wanted to inspire and encourage seniors to keep moving, breathing and stay healthy when outside wellness professionals like SimplyAware instructors were no longer allowed to offer their weekly visits. This HR sponsored beta trial online training program is designed to deliver the Smiling Heart Qigong program to seniors, caregivers and wellness coordinators as a safe, effective movement practice specifically designed for this sensitive, precious community. This Beta stage of the project seeks to garner feedback from the community we are serving for improvements to the program.

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