Your organization remains healthy as long as your staff and clients remain healthy.

Organizations face financial pressures from the rising costs of health care to the costs associated with replacing an employee either for sick leave or due to burnout. A quality wellness program can help reduce the financial risk often at an overall cost savings. Reduce costs, improve client satisfaction, employee retention. We offer principle based programs customized for your client or employee needs.


Invite your staff to challenge their perspectives, encourage a path of wellness or build team cohesiveness. Our trainers will provide interactive, fun and deeply informative programs, your staff will appreciate.

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Sometimes we just need a mental break. We offer unique experiences which are guaranteed to enhance staff satisfaction, stimulate curiosity and encourage self care.

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Our training programs are designed to meet your staff where they are and guide them towards wellness. Our own corporate experience helps us relate, connect and deliver an effective, custom training curriculum.

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Professionally Delivered, Customized Programs = Happy Customers.

SimplyAware began delivering training programs throughout the Dallas Metroplex in 2003. Our list of satisfied corporate clients is long, here are just a few.


Stress Management 101

Understanding, creates choice. Stressors comes in many varieties so we focus on the common denominator - humans. Understanding how stress affects the physical, mental and emotional being and most importantly, real world tools to take control of what often feels uncontrollable, is deeply empowering.

Integrative Health 101

Humans are a collection of physical, mental and emotional experiences which interplay and influence each other constantly. Learning how to recognize and alter these intricate balances can offer drastic improvements in our wellbeing.

Work Life Balance 101

Staff often feel disempowered to create a healthy work life balance. They fear for their job or career path and are willing to sacrifice their health for their comfort or status leading to poor production and burn out. Exploring options and creative solutions helps lift the stigma associated with self care.

Effective Boundaries

The work place is often difficult to navigate, socially. Our integrative exploration of healthy boundaries allows all members of the team to feel heard and accepted. Interactive training and perspective shifting education help reframe how team members see and work with each other.

Team Dynamics 101

Team cohesion is not something you create overnight. However, without the proper tools and training, it is unlikely to ever happen. Our approach to team dynamics begins with understanding the mission and each component. From there we formulate a strategy and collection of trainings and tool to optimize efficiency and team work.

Mindfulness 101

Mindfulness is not something you go do, it is something you become, within every breath you take. Understanding how your mind works, recognizing internal obstacles and negative self talk are important components to becoming more mindful. Our specialize training program provides key perspectives and practical tools for developing stronger mental acuity and focus.


Sound Bath

On site or at our Richardson Training Center, let your staff experience the feeling of being bathed in the soothing sounds of Himalayan Signing Bowls. A truly unique experience which takes even the most resistant participant into a state of relaxation.  

Qigong for the Office

Sitting for long periods of time is detrimental to our health. Our basic, easy to learn Qigong practices can be done seated or standing and require very little space. They boost oxygen to the brain and increase circulation to help release tension and stress.

5 Minute Meditations

Science tells us that meditation is a powerful tool against stress. However, since everyone is unique, not every form of meditation is effective. We have put together a powerful set of 5-minute practices that is certain to give every participant at least one they can use to help strengthen their resilience to their particular stressors.


Vibrational Sound Therapy

Release stress with a gentle combination of sound and vibrations produced by our certified therapist and therapeutic quality hand-hammered bowls. This on-body work, performed on a massage table, encourages deep relaxation and muscle tension release while the client drops into a deep, restful state.

Individual / Team Coaching

Before we had dream jobs, we were business professionals and managers. Our team-centered training programs offer unique perspectives and tools which encourage work life balance and team synergy.

Team Retreats

Sometimes getting out of the office as a team is just what is needed to refresh the mind and create a more cohesive unit. Our training facility can host and fully customize team events with fun, educational, and highly interactive content based on a theme or specific subject matter.

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