Restorative Yoga gently cradles you in prop supported poses specifically designed to calm and reset your mind and body.

Restorative Yoga Instructors invite you to settle into each pose with blankets, blocks, and bolsters. Once comfortably supported within each pose, you will be given ample time to rest, while enjoying soft music in a dimly lit room. With your muscles, tissues, and bones fully supported, your body will release and your mind, allowed to rest.

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The Restorative Yoga Difference

Not a Typical Yoga Class

While in an active yoga class, you may move deeply into a pose to feel the stretch or contract your muscles to strengthen. In Restorative Yoga, most poses encourage a soft gentle opening of the body while being supported by the props. There are a few poses that may create a gentle stretch. Overall, the muscles are encouraged to softly release and open with the gentleness of the props, promoting ease and comfort. This allows the relaxation response to take over the body therefore encourages deep rest and healing.

The Practice and Flow

Depending on length of class, you may experience 3-10 poses, resting in each pose for between 3 to 20 minutes. There will be several props to use for maximum comfort, and your instructor will guide you in their arrangement for each pose.

The Poses

Poses consist of gentle twists, forward bends, side bends and inversions all supported by elaborate props. Your instructor is specially trained and will work with you to enhance your experience however, there may be circumstances where a private session would be most beneficial to accommodate medical / health related personal needs.

The Environment

Soft, warm and cozy. The lights will be low, music soft & quiet with instructor’s guidance attentive and nurturing.

Learn to Listen Deeply to Your Body

Prop Intensive Practice

Certified Restorative Yoga Instructors are well trained in the use of bolsters, blankets, mats, pillows and whatever else they can find to make you comfortable enough to rest within each a pose.

Gentle and Very Effective

This quiescent practice is deceptively effective. You are propped into position and encouraged to release and relax - no stress, pain or force required. However, the next day you will very likely notice the work you did, all while resting in the class.

Layers of Benefits

Physically, you are giving your body the opportunity to release tension and open joints to invite deep circulation.  If you experience pain, discomfort that doesn't dissipate, or intense stretch, you are encouraged to come out of the pose and re-adjust the position or the props.

Mentally, you are invited to settle into a deep restful body awareness, taking you away from the stressors of daily life.

Emotionally, you are nurtured into each position by your instructor and invited to nurture yourself during the practice.  

The Healing Power of Resting Deeply

Physiological Benefits

  1. Engages Parasympathetic Nervous System, moving from a triggered state to a relaxed stated.

  2. Regulates Blood Pressure, adjusts hormone levels, and stabilizes blood sugar.

  3. Stimulates and soothes organs.

  4. Improves overall circulation encouraging cell growth and repair, digestion and elimination.

  5. Elevates and stabilizes mood while reducing muscle tension and chronic stress.


Move from a triggered state - anxiety, agitation and stress - to a calm, comfort and eased state. Emotions and thoughts tend to slow down and settle, leaving you feeling a little more balanced. However, these may still be under the surface and rise up as you get quiet. You are encouraged to simply observe, not pushing them away or engaging with them. You watch them as they simply rise and fall on their own.

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