In Memory Of: Shar Fromhoff

My dearest Shar. You gave me the greatest gift one can give; a soulmate to walk through life with me. Your eldest daughter Fayne is wicked smart, deeply compassionate and loving. Fayne selflessly gives from her heart and always thinks of others first. We know that children model after their parents and I am certain these beautiful traits come from you.

Fayne has shared many stories with me about the adventure of growing up in your house. This was the place where everyone came to to feel safe and have fun. You worked hard with Jewish youth groups, want to be famous rock bands and theater performers alike. Your love of animals and all manner of plant life was legendary and always heartwarming. Dogs, cats, chickens, roosters, lizards, snakes, a pony and all manner of birds were always welcome. You even made a special trip to Dallas just to meet your “grand porker”, Kevin Bacon Bouguyon. I loved getting all the photos of your private paradise. Your heart was big.

I will miss most our open, honest talks, sharing the latest new rock band, theater adventure or celebrity gossip. Your passion for the things you loved ran deep. When I think about what gifts I carry with me, from you, through my life, it is about living life on your terms. You were unabashed about the things that made you happy and went towards them with all your heart. While our passions were sometimes different, I will strive to honor you by living my life on my terms, with an open heart, and no apologies. Thank you for opening your heart to me and trusting me to care for your eldest daughter all these years. As you move on to your next adventure, please know that your memory lives on through us. Be at peace my "Favorite Mother In Law"

With love and gratitude,

Your "Favorite Son-In-Law"

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