Mission Statement

We meet you where you are to help you develop
physical strength, mental clarity and emotional peace

Our Purpose

In life, there is no greater purpose than service to others
Our purpose has evolved into guiding others to identify and nourish their life's purpose. Empowerment comes in many forms and we have an ever evolving tool box with which to serve our clients.
Are you ready to live your life's purpose?


Wellness is a lifestyle choice made everyday, in every moment. What are you doing to nourish your whole being?

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Training is the process with which wellness can flourish through your whole being. Learn skills, increase personal awareness and gain the ability to apply them into your daily life.

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January Training Focus :
Introduction to Qigong


A Truly Unique Training Model

Principle Based Training Explained

Our unique, proven training model invites you to explore our 8 Qigong Principles, one month at a time. These principles focus on developing physical, mental and emotional integrity. Each SimplyAware instructor is specially trained in these 8 Principles and shares them with you though the filter of their training and personal experience. Because these Principles are about the human experience, they can be applied to virtually any training discipline.

Focused Attention = Greater Results

Each month, we bring attention to a different Qigong Principle . We invite you to bring that specific Qigong Principle into your focus and explore how it can impact your training and personal life. This concentrated attention heightens your awareness and understanding in a way that no other training can.

Second Half of Year


We take a pause from deep training to provide a 4 Principle Review. This is an opportunity for new students to catch up and long term students to review and deepen their perspectives and understanding.


Expansion / Absorption teaches us about healthy boundaries. We learn to open the joints, increase deep tissue circulation to stimulate both strength and healing.


Minding the Breath is an exploration of all things breath. We learn how to manage and maximize our breath through powerful training techniques. Increasing oxygen uptake will nourish the whole body.


Rising Energy introduces us to our spine and how to develop flexibility, alignment and deep strength. Stimulating spinal fluid and deep tissue circulation. (PDF)


Grounding Energy involves building core to floor structural integrity while developing mental and emotional stillness and clarity.


Introduction to Qigong Principles 1 - 4 and how they affect our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


We take a pause from deep training to provide an 8 Principle Review. This is an opportunity for new students to catch up and long term students to review and deepen their perspectives and understanding.


Smiling Energy is the culmination of a years worth of work. You will learn to tap into joy, wonder and a sense of peace. This is a relaxation of your being which can only be achieved through hard work and perseverance.


Listening Energy gives us the skill to listen inside ourselves and integrate the other Principles, deeply. From this internal dialogue, we learn how to manage pain, increase all manner of personal control and develop a deep, calm.


Sinking Energy gives us the opportunity to let go. We learn to use only the muscles necessary to achieve a technique, increasing performance, efficiently and power.


Exploring Yin Yang teaches us about opposing forces and how to use them to develop strength, release tension, create balance and deeper structural integrity.


Introduction to Qigong Principles 5 - 8 and how they affect our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

First Half of Year


SimplyAware Now on Insight Timer

November 15, 2019

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SimplyAware is now on Insight Timer

SimplyAware Bowl Meditations are now available on the world's leading meditation app - Insight Timer!

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COVID POD Workshop

September 30, 2020

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COVID POD Workshops

March 1, 2019

Is your COVID POD ready to have some fun training together?

Principle Based Training

A lifetime of training in centuries old knowledge, distilled into 8 foundational principles, within each breath. We are focused on the functional application of mindful movement as a tool for personal evolution. You will explore the structural mechanics, applied science and energy behind the practice with your entire physical, mental and emotional being. You will learn to embrace and work with challenges, not push them aside.
We offer solutions, not band-aids.

Just some of what you can expect from our training.


Pain is not the enemy. It is your body asking for help. We teach you to listen deeply and develop tools to reduce or even eliminate chronic pain. Are you ready for relief?


As a leading cause of dis-ease, holding on to stress literally, and slowly steals your health. Learn how to identify root causes and gain tools to reduce stress from your world.


Emotions are part of the human experience and sometimes they can be overwhelming. When we understand them, our emotional balance improves greatly. Are you in control?


Persistent, gentle effort is more effective at getting results without threat of injury. Develop your core strength, stabilize injuries and release guarding, safely and effectively. What do you want to strengthen?


In this bigger, better, faster world, learning to truly quiet your mind is no easy task. There are many techniques, from many disciplines. Which one is right for you?


With a strong body, a quiet mind and balanced emotions, your heart becomes free. This freedom gives you permission to express yourself unconditionally. What does happiness feel like to you?

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