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June 1, 2019

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December Sound Bath

December 1, 2018

Join Chris and Fayne with their large collection of Himalayan Singing Bowls for a delightfully healing soundscape experience.


March 27, 2019

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April: AARP - TaiChi / Qigong Wellness Workshop Series

April 11, 2019

Please join AARP Texas and SimplyAware for a Qigong Principle-Based Wellness Training Program.

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March 3, 2019

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Principle Based Training

A lifetime of training in centuries old knowledge, distilled into 8 foundational principles, within each breath. We are focused on the functional application of mindful movement as a tool for personal evolution. You will explore the structural mechanics, applied science and energy behind the practice with your entire physical, mental and emotional being. You will learn to embrace and work with challenges, not push them aside.
We offer solutions, not band-aids.

Just some of what you can expect from our training.


Pain is not the enemy. It is your body asking for help. We teach you to listen deeply and develop tools to reduce or even eliminate chronic pain. Are you ready for relief?


As a leading cause of dis-ease, holding on to stress literally, and slowly steals your health. Learn how to identify root causes and gain tools to reduce stress from your world.


Emotions are part of the human experience and sometimes they can be overwhelming. When we understand them, our emotional balance improves greatly. Are you in control?


Persistent, gentle effort is more effective at getting results without threat of injury. Develop your core strength, stabilize injuries and release guarding, safely and effectively. What do you want to strengthen?


In this bigger, better, faster world, learning to truly quiet your mind is no easy task. There are many techniques, from many disciplines. Which one is right for you?


With a strong body, a quiet mind and balanced emotions, your heart becomes free. This freedom gives you permission to express yourself unconditionally. What does happiness feel like to you?

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