Tai Chi is a collection of slow, choreographed movements designed to develop strength, balance and focus

Tai Chi was created over 450 years ago in Chen Village by the Chen Family. From that lineage came Yang, Wu, Wu (Hao) and Sun Styles of Tai Chi. We honor our teachers by teaching in the old ways, focused on the foundational Principles, with integrity and patience.

What Classes are Available?

We offer Chen and Sun Style Training


Tai Chi is a Perfect Fit for Corporate Wellness

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Balance & Stability

Fall Prevention

Tai Chi training effectively eliminates momentum from movement which greatly reduces the potential for falls

Neurological Conditions

The mental focus and complex coordinations activate and sustain brain activity and intensify the demand for fine motor control. This has been shown to slow the onset of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

Stress Management

Quality Tai Chi training demands your full attention. Relaxed breath, controlled movement and balance challenges keep you in the moment where stress and anxiety can not survive.

Train Without Pain

Functional Range of Motion

We train to listen deeply to our body signals, while working to optimize our range of motion. Excessive force is unnecessary when increasing joint stability, strength and flexibility.

Respecting Body Boundaries

Tai Chi teaches us to work with, not against our bodies. If we ignore a limit being set by our bodies by pushing through, structure will be compromised and we lose the very benefits we are trying to achieve.

Eliminating / Reducing Pain Medications

Our training methods take time and effort, but our students have consistently been able to reduce, and often eliminate, their need for pain medications. Working the body with respect and patience is a powerful method to control chronic pain.

Eliminate Anxiety / Stress

Identifying Triggers

In our fast paced world, one of the most challenging things you can do is slow down. It may seem impossible at first but the rewards for your training efforts will manifest as reduced stress and the ability to manage triggers more easily.

Establishing Healthy Boundaries

In order to know where you end, and others begin, you must first know your deepest core structure. Our training gives you access to your core and structural integrity. From there, healthy boundaries become easier to find and manage.

Perspective Shifting

Like water always seeking level, We all seek to be at peace and in harmony with our true nature. Our Principle Based Training invites you to explore your current perspectives and embrace your truth with honesty and integrity.

Build Core and Peripheral Strength

Posture and Alignment

For any movement training, proper posture and alignment are critical to harnessing your internal strength and preventing injury. Slow, controlled movement training is excellent at helping you find this hidden power.

Establish Structural Integrity

Structural integrity allows the bones to bear the load while the muscles await your command. This reduced extraneous effort and maximizes efficiency of movement.

Enhance Muscle Control

Proper alignment and structural integrity effectively frees the muscles for the tasks your choose. The slow, deliberate movements of Tai Chi greatly strengthen your fine motor control which can then be used at any speed, for any purpose.

Boost your Circulatory Systems

Enhance Oxygen Uptake

Oxygen is the single most important element to our lives yet we don’t pay much attention to it. We teach you to use deep breathing techniques to boost oxygen uptake, enhancing both cellular function and overall brain health.

Stimulate Lymphatic Circulation

The lymphatic system is crucial to our ability to wards off disease and illness. The combination of deep breathing and efficient movement enhances the body’s ability to pump lymphatic fluids throughout the body.

Boost Cardiovascular Health

Numerous studies have shown that taxing the heart with excessive, strenuous effort is not as healthy as once believed. Tai Chi training stimulates deep muscle demand, through prolonged load bearing effort, while encouraging deep, slow controlled breathing which increase overall circulatory response.

Tai Chi News and Information

F*@K New Years Resolutions

December 30, 2022

I was at a loss to understand why we start out with the best of intentions but somehow lose steam, and fade away in such a short time, until I started studying the 5 Element Model of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Tai Chi: Meditation in Motion? Really?

December 21, 2007

Tai Chi is often called "Meditation in Motion". While this conjures up imagery of students basking in the morning sun, gracefully moving through their forms, reflections dancing gently on a nearby pond, I personally feel it is a bit misleading, especially during the first few years of Tai Chi training when simple coordination and concentration are such an effort.

Tai Chi and Qigong for Pain Management

November 2, 2007

I have always felt strongly about how well Tai Chi and Qigong can strengthen and heal the body, mind and spirit. Whether the pain / injury is acute or chronic, many, many people have found relief and even resolution within the halls of Tai Chi and Qigong training. This week it was my turn to put these theories to the test.

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