There is not another experience like it, anywhere! Whether master meditator or beginner, your mind will drop into a deep, stillness. Guaranteed!

Imagine yourself being taken away on beautiful waves of sound, to a deeply restful place. Our Sound Bath Experience is specifically designed to quiet your mind and deescalate your nervous system. There are no high pitches, sharp sounds or gongs to bounce you out of your blissful resting state.
Come, experience it for yourself!

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What is a Sound Bath Experience?

Here is a 2 minute video we created to help explain the sound bath experience. The bowls you hear are from a meditation CD we created and represent very well what you will experience at a live event. Use headphones for the best experience!

A Note for Those who Snore or Experience Apnea

While the goal of the sound bath experience is to float in a relaxed, meditative state, if you are really tired, you may drift off and not even realize it. Out of respect for both those who snore and those who do not, we will happily provide additional props to ensure your comfort so that everyone may enjoy the quiet, soothing sounds of the bowls. Please let us know upon arrival if you require special accommodations and we will do everything in our power to provide you a safe and comfortable sound bath experience.
If you have silent devices which help you with your breathing, please feel free to bring them with you or contact us to discuss you particular circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hand Hammered Bowls?

Nature does not typically create pure sound frequencies. The unique imperfections found in hand hammered bowls allow a complex array of over and under tones to be present which the human mind finds soothing. This encourages the mind to sink into a deeply relaxed, theta state.

Do you use Gongs or Crystal Bowls?

No. While they may have their place, we know that sudden, loud, jolting or sharp noises trigger the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) which is the opposite of what we want to achieve during a session. Our goal is to release all points of stress and allow the mind to drop into a restful, deeply relaxed state.

The Influence of Sound on Humans


The human body is roughly 65% water.  Netter's Atlas of Human Physiology breaks it down as follows:

  1. Intracellular Fluids - 70%

  2. Extracellular Fluids - 37.5%

  3. Plasma - 20%

  4. Interstitial Fluids - 79%

  5. Transcellular Fluids - 1%

We also know that sound travels much faster through fluids than air. Combine these facts and you have a therapeutic practice which stimulates the human body on an intracellular level, Patients frequently report feeling "tingly all over" after a bowl session.


Humans experience five different types of electrical patterns or “brain waves” which are measured in Hertz. (cycles per second) Each serves a specific purpose in human functioning. In order for us to function optimally, we need to have a "balanced dose" of these frequencies.

Delta Waves ~ 0 Hz to 4 Hz

  1. Strongest in infants

  2. Stimulates Para-sympathetic nervous system (rest, digest, heal)

  3. Present during deep relaxation

  4. Necessary for restorative, healing sleep

Theta Waves ~ 4 Hz to 8 Hz

  1. Improves intuition

  2. Stimulates creativity

  3. Supports restorative sleep

Alpha Waves ~ 8Hz to 12 Hz

  1. Helps induce relaxation

  2. Acts as bridge between conscious and subconscious

Beta Waves ~ 12 Hz to 40 Hz

  1. Stimulates focus, memory and problem solving

Gamma Waves ~ 40 Hz to 100 Hz

  1. Increases learning, memory and information processing.

  2. Engages / Binds the senses to a memory

  3. Supports REM Sleep

The beauty of hand hammered bowls is they deliver layers of sound with each strike. This complex, yet soothing "sound bath" causes the brain to process the layers of sound binaurally which evokes a reduction in brainwave frequency. The lower the frequency of the brain, the deeper the relaxation.


Of the three levels of human interaction with sound and vibrations, emotions are the most familiar to us. Hear a favorite song and we smile from the heart; hear a loud crash and we are jolted with fear. A soothing vibration comforts while a rattling vibration disrupts. Certified Vibrational Sound Therapists us the Measured Strike Technique which eliminates the "surprise strike" or accidental "clang" which would jolt you right out of your relaxed state. When the body relaxes, and the mind becomes quiet, the emotions settle. It is from this place of peace that the deepest healing can occur.

The Power of Sound

Recently, western science has begun to confirm long held beliefs that sound has the power to influence all forms of matter. We have seen sound used to identify birth defects, the gender of an unborn child, locate ships or even small fish in the vast open water. There is even a machine which can boil water using nothing but sound waves. Through the power of sound we can feel alarmed, excited, angry, relaxed or even love.

The Truth About Hand Hammered Himalayan Bowls

Often called Tibetan Singing Bowls, they do not actually originate from Tibet, and were not designed as the sound instruments we see today. In truth, they originate in form and function as food and cooking containers. However, the real power of these unique, hand made, bronze bowls is in their ability to deliver deep vibrations to relax the body and complex harmonic signatures which soothes the mind like nothing else can.

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