F*@K New Years Resolutions

New Years tradition dictates that once the feasting of the holidays is over we need to focus on new year’s resolutions and a “git-er-done” attitude. F*@k that!

Having been in the wellness / fitness industry for over 40 years, we have a running joke about the new year and the resolution driven gym / training floor crowds. “They will all be gone by end of February and we will have our space back.” I was at a loss to understand why we start out with the best of intentions but somehow lose steam, and fade away in such a short time, until I started studying the 5 Element Model of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I strongly believe this “false start cycle” comes from our lack of seasonal awareness. Look around. What is nature doing right now? In the northern hemisphere, nature is in retreat from the cold. Animals are in dens, or hibernating. Deciduous trees have shed foliage and pulled all their energy down into growing healthy roots so that in springtime they can take that new found energy and build a stronger, broader canopy. From a Daoist philosophy, this IS “the way”. Observe nature and work with it, not against it.

Starting a rigorous January 1 training routine, in the middle of a down energy cycle, is ill advised for many reasons. This is our time to rest, nurture our internal landscape with meditative, quiescent training practices like gentle Qigong, Tai Chi or Yoga. Forcing yourself to push past this natural cycle invites further energetic draining. It is a lot like trying to run a marathon with a bungee cord attached that is almost certainly going to snap you backwards, painfully. It is far better to build your root system now and come out in the spring time recharged and ready to take on that list of resolutions.

Here are a few suggestions to take advantage of this powerful recharging time:

Take time alone to reflect on the year behind you, without judgement, guilt or shame.

  • What are three things you did well?
  • What are three things you could have done better?
  • What are three things you wish to make amends for?
  • Make amends. This returns energy to you, and them.

Create a daily meditation routine

  • Start with between 2 & 5 minutes
  • Set a timer so your mind can let go
  • Seek an instructor / beginner classes to help you maximize your practice
  • App Download - Insight Timer is a wonderful training tool for this and we have some free meditation training tools available. Search for ‘SimplyAware

Gentle Exercise - Consistency is far more important than force

  • Take slow walks in the sun / out in nature
  • Gently stretch / open up your body with Tai Chi, Qigong or Yoga
  • Find a well qualified teacher
  • SImplyAware Training Programs for local and online classes

Release attachments / Make room for possibilities

  • Recycle things you no longer need to a Thrift Store or Shelter…
  • Clothing - Start with one box of old clothes that could be used by someone else
  • Furniture - That one piece that seems in the way or unused
  • Relationships - Release one-sided connections that feel draining / imbalanced
  • Is it better to have two or three solid friendships than a bunch of acquaintances

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